Afghan Assistance Project

Our partners in Tajikistan received requests for help from the Council of Afghan University Students and local municipalities to help with an existing and now rapidly growing Afghan refugee community in the country. We quickly started a project and gathered some resources to assist.

Afghan women and children are receiving support in health, education, and everyday necessities. An Afghan refugee woman shared her story after participating in a health seminar for women:

“My name is Gulizor*. I lost my mother when I was 11, my father married someone else, and I didn’t go to school. Because I was looking after my brothers and sisters who were left without parents, and there was no opportunity because the military conflicts did not stop. When I was 15, I was given in marriage. I endured emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse from my husband and his relatives. I now have four children. I am anaemic. I never went to the doctors. We have been here for six months now. This workshop was something new to me. First of all, the attention we received, I am shocked, I am accustomed to being devalued. But today was a great encouragement for me, the attitude was so warm, so family-like, something we do not have in principle. Thank you!”

We received a request for help from the director of the Centre for the Education of Afghan Children. The Centre has 300 children studying there and is severely under-resourced. We were able to provide some teaching equipment in the form of pens, pencils, and notebooks.

*Name changed