Children at Risk

Aizada was 6 years old when she first came to ride with our partner organization in Kyrgyzstan.

She has Autism and Cerebral Palsy. She has difficulty with her balance and gait, limited speech and social skills. When she first started riding with us, she could not greet our staff, she made no eye contact and she was unable to control her emotions. She would often have an emotional melt down as she wanted to go faster than we were comfortable with.

Gradually Aizada started to be more comfortable with our staff and she helped in the stables. She began to greet us, leave appropriately, and respond to simple commands. The horses helped her with her inner confidence, balance, and concentration and focus during her time riding. When Aizada mounted the horse it was as if all the inner turmoil inside her would disappear and she could experience peace for a short time.

Aizada was in our program for 7 years and now she can ride more independently with supervision. She no longer walks with a limp and her social skills developed to the point where she can now attend school. This is a victory for Aizada, her family and our team!

*name changed