After a year of working with her, she is now able to feed herself, shower independently and help with cleaning around the house! When we first started working with her, she was not able to use her right arm at all and now she uses both arms simultaneously. Her mom comments each week about what new activity Mayna can now do that she was unable to do before. Her life has completely changed for the better and she has hope and confidence for her future. Mayna’s mother has asked that we continue to follow-up with her daughter weekly because of the great benefit from physical therapy and the encouraging progress she has seen in her daughter. By helping Mayna, we are also assisting her community and giving them hope that change can also happen in their own lives. Mayna is showing those around her that being diligent, and persevering can have lasting and life-changing benefits


For each client goals are set that range from physical goals to the ability of doing daily activities and learning certain skills that enhance their opportunities to be part of their family and community. The CBR team also keeps monitoring whether a client needs new or additional assistive devices. To increase physical and emotional growth, OPM encourages clients to join a peer group with a family member.