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June 18, 2018
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Through publishing and distributing value-based and cultural books for children and youth of Afghanistan, we take advantage of the increasing literacy of Afghan children and youth who are in schools and are hungry for more education, reading, and books. Teachers need extra-curricular reading materials to aid them in their teaching roles. Reading is also important for expanding the mind and developing analytical and critical thinking skills.

Rahmat Publications publishes and distributes Good Books in both national languages, Dari and Pashto, as well as English. By 'Good Books' we mean titles that are carefully selected to:

  • Promote the ideals of civil, open society
  • Educate
  • Promote personal growth, or
  • Help preserve the traditional culture of Afghanistan

Rahmat Publications started its activities in Afghanistan in 2005, undertaking the responsibility to distribute valuable and good books to Afghan children and young adults. After ten years of publishing and distributing children’s books Rahmat Publications has gained a good name in Afghan society, receiving comments of appreciation from readers, teachers and Afghan high ranking officials. This indicates that our books are warmly welcomed by Afghan community. The books of Rahmat Publications consist of: story books for children, Cultural and Literature books, Information and Education and Leadership books. Our goal is to equip our readers, especially new generation of Afghanistan, with good moral and informative books.

Over 30 years Afghan people have experienced extreme hardships. War, invasions, cruelty, hatred, violence and many other unfair issues have had a devastating effect on their minds and souls. Due to these challenges most of the people have lost their way and wander around without finding the purpose of life.

Rahmat Publications realized that the project can have an impact on these challenges by distributing good books in the society. While a reader studies our books he/or she feels peace inside, because they can find in our books love instead of hatred, kindness instead of cruelty, good behaviour instead of violence and so on. We are certain if the people know that God is love, their minds will be changed gradually and they can bring positive changes to their families and society.

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